MAUSER MAS2545-R32-6/14-900/909/910/911/CLMN9 S automatische Steppstichmaschine - für Polsterer und Täschler, Dreifachtransport

MAS2545-R32-6/14-900/909/910/911/CLMN9 S
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Mauser MAS2545-R32-6/14-900/909/910/911/CLMN9 S - EXTRA HEAVY DUTY  - Mauser automatische Steppstichmaschine - für Polsterer und Täschler, Dreifachtransport, großer Greifer - komplette Nähmaschine( Tisch, Kopf, Motor)
Made in Germany

Automatische Funktionen: Nadelpositionierung, Fadenabschneider, Verrigeln, Fußlüftung. Max. Nähgeschwindigkeit 3.800 Stiche/Min., Stichlänge bis 9 mm, max. Obertransporthub 9 mm, Fußlüftung bis zu 20 mm. Druckluft erforderlich.

Marke:  Mauser
1-Nadel Steppstichmaschine für Stoffe: sehr schwere Stoffe und Leder
Art des Transportes: Dreifachtransport (alternierender Fuß)
automatischer Fadenabschneider Ja
automatische Nadelpositionierung Ja
automatische Fußlüftung Ja
automatischer Rigel Ja
Fadenabstreifer: Nein
Integrierter Motor: ja
Schmiersystem „trockenes“, geschlossenes Schmiersystem
Kantenabschneider: nein
LED-Beleuchtung des Arbeitsfeldes Ja
Max. Stichlänge: 9.0 mm
Fußlüftung: 20 mm
Max. Nähgeschwindigkeit: 3800 Stiche/Min.
Nadelsystem: 134-35
Tischplatte Standard 105 x 50 cm
Satz Komplett - Tisch, Kopf, Motor

MAS2545-R32-6/14-900/909/910/911/CLMN9 S
Mauser automatic lockstitch machine for upholstery and leather, unison feed, large hook - complete sewing machine

Automatic 1-needle upholstery and leather lockstitch machine with unison feed (bottom, presser feet and needle feed), height-adjustment of walking feet and very large hook. Threads size up to 15. 
High top-feed lift ensures consistently high quality stitch, even on different thicknesses and structures of materials. High fabric clearance under the presser feet facilities easy material handling.
Equipped with hook's overload safety clutch, controller of initial stitch, active thread tension mechanism, presser foot pressure regulation and LED lighting of working field. Quick (optically signalized) switch for two different stitch lengths, top feed stroke related to speed control. Machines with innovative, closed lubrication circuit (dry needle bar) which effectively prevents fabric staining during sewing. Equipped with control indicating the lack of oil.
Increased to 35 cm clearance between needle bar and machine's arm.

Automatic functions: needle positioning, thread trimming, bartacking, foot lifting and tension release for easy thread pulling. 

Max sewing speed 3.800 s.p.m. (depends on presser feet lift and stitch length), max. stitch length 9 mm, high top-feed lift 9 mm, presser feet lift up to 20 mm. Compressed air is necessary. 
Machine with built-in AC Servo motor with programming panel. Complete with stand and table top.

For this machine we recommend SCHMETZ needles system 134-35 or 134-35 SERV7, with correct needle points, depending on the fabric.

Brand Mauser
1-needle lockstitch for materials very heavy and leather
Type of feed unison (walking foot)
Automatic thread trimming yes
Autoamtic needle positioning yes
Automatic foot lifter yes
Automatic bartacking yes
Wiper no
Built-in AC Servo motor yes
Type of lubrication closed "dry" circuit
Side trimmer no
LED lighting of working field yes
Max. stitch length
Presser foot lift height
Max. sewing speed 3800 s.p.m.
Needle system 134-35
Table top standard 105 x 50 cm
Warranty period 24 months
Kit complete set - without montage
Montage - 80 EUR more

Прямострочная швейная машина MAS2545-R32-6/14-900/909/910/911/CLMN9 S

Швейная машина с плоской платформой с нижним, игольным и дифференциальным верхним транспортом

Универсальная одноигольная, специальная швейная машина челночного стежка с плоской платформой, с нижним, верхним шагающим и игольным транспортом для тяжелых материалов для мебели и кожгалантереи. Высокий ход верхнего транспорта гарантирует ровный шов на разной по толщине слоях материала, большой горизонтальный челнок

Марка Mauser

Одноигольная прямострочная машина для шитья материалов: очень плотных и кожи

Вид двигателя: комплексный (шагающая прижимная лапка)

Автоматическая обрезка нитки: есть

Автоматическое позиционирование иглы да

Автоматический подъем лапки да

Автоматическое закрепление строчки да

Отводчик нитки нет

Серводвигатель, встроенный в головку: есть

Тип смазки замкнутая ("сухая")

Обрезной нож: нет

Освещение рабочего места LED да

Макс. длина стежка – 9 mm

Высота подъема лапки – 20mm

Максимальная скорость шитья 3800 стежков/мин

Система игл  134-35

Столешница стандартная 106 x 50 см

Длительность гарантии 24 месяцев

Состав комплект

Über Mauser/ Pfaff - made in Germany

PFAFF INDUSTRIAL acquires production facility in Taicang/China
On March 5, 2014, PFAFF INDUSTRIAL signed the contracts for the take-over of a production facility in Taciang, China. The factory in China will be a 100% subsidiary of PFAFF Industriesysteme und Maschinen AG and will operate as PFAFF Industrial Sewing Machine (Taicang) Co., Ltd.pfaff-mauser-news
The acquisition will be an asset deal in which all assets such as production commodities, machines, etc. will be transferred. In addition, PFAFF INDUSTRIAL will acquire the trademark “MAUSER SPEZIAL”.
Since 2008, industrial sewing machines have been manufactured and distributed in Taicang under MAUSER SPEZIAL. In the future, PFAFF INDUSTRIAL intends to manufacture standard and special sewing machines (i.e. high-speed seamers, shoe machines and heavy duty machines) for the automotive industry) for the global market under the “PFAFF INDUSTRIAL” trademark.
PFAFF INDUSTRIAL is currently in a restructuring phase and was acquired by the ShangGong group one year ago. For PFAFF INDUSTRIAL and its investor, the acquisition is a consistent step to strengthen one’s position and gain important market shares through competitiveness.
PFAFF INDUSTRIAL already has an impressive global distribution network. With these affordable products from Asia, PFAFF INDUSTRIAL wants to be more successful in the market. In 2007/2008 the Taicang-facility was owned by the former PFAFF and operated by PFAFF-technicians and engineers. Consequently, there is 100% “PFAFF- engineering” in all products leaving this facility in China, thus easing the transition and filling management and employees with a sense of pride.
Legend: Cornelia Mast, Friedbert Schulz, Qing Wang (Managing Board of PFAFF INDUSTRIAL), Joachim Rinder (PFAFF Industrial Machinery Taicang Co. Ltd.) and Paul Wieschemann (Lawyer) while signing the contract.
- See more at: