LUOKE LK20U33 1 Nadel ZickZack komplette Nähmaschine

Luoke LK20U33 kpl.
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LUOKE LK20U33 kpl. – ZickZack - komplette Nähmaschine eine gute alternative zu Singer 20U33

Universeller 1-Nadel Zick-Zack-Fuß, für leichte und mittelschwere Stoffe, Untertransport, 2 000 Stiche pro Minute, max. Länge des ZickZack-Stiches 5 mm, max. Breite des ZickZack-Stiches 8 mm, der Fuß hebt sich max. bis auf 12 mm. Nadelposition links, mittel oder rechts. Eine komplette Nähmaschine mit Gestell und Kupplungsmotor.

Für diese Maschine empfehlen wir SCHMETZ Nadeln, 135x5 oder 135x5 SERV7 mit entsprechenden Nadelspitzen, die von der Stoffart abhängig sind.

LUOKE LK20U33 kpl. – Zigzag - complete sewing machine

Universal one needle zigzag sewing machine for light and medium materials, bottom feed, 2.000 s.p.m., max zigzag stitch length 5 mm, max zigzag stitch width 8 mm, foot lifter up to 12 mm. The starting needle position can be adjusted between the left and the right. Complete sewing machine with stand and clutch motor.

For this machine we recommend SCHMETZ needles system 135x5 or 135x5 SERV7, with correct needle points, depending on the fabric.

LUOKE LK20U33 kpl. – Швейная зигзаг машина - комплект

Универсальная 1-игольная зигзаг машина для легких и средних материалов, нижний зубчатый транспортер, 2.000 стежков/мин, максимальная длина стежка 5 мм, максимальная ширина стежка 8 мм, подъем лапки до 12 мм. Позиционирование иглы в трех позициях (левая, середина, правая). Машина в комплекте с промышленным столом и фрикционным двигателем.

Для этой машины рекомендуем иглы SCHMETZ игольной системы 135x5 или 135x5 SERV7, с соответствующим острием в зависимости от вида обрабатываемого материала.

Luocke sewing machine CO.,Ltd was established in the year 1996,the company has the integrative management system with advanced product research,production line,quality testing and marketing network.Since the corporation was established,Luoke abiding the enterprise aim of "creating good product,shaping brand" all the time,which has introduced the technology from japan,and introduce the international management mechanism to mange the corporation.It adopts the development strategy of depend on the high-tech to seek development and depend on the high quality to contend the market.Luoke abiding the core value of "excellence quality,innovating science and technology" to introduce and train the profession technician for strengthen the research power,and adopt the long-distance network joint with the international market,the product have been threw into the international market ,and the products were favored by the customers because of the excellent quality and sincere service.

"percipience requirement ,creating satisfaction" is our eternal chase.Luoke abiding the enterprising spirit of"improve continuously,sincerity urging industry"to create more high-quality sewing equipment and open up the more complete service field for human,the group of luoke will showing the"unity is strength,strive courageously" with passion and cling devoted to doing strongly as always.