460-9" MUNDIAL
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460-9" MUNDIAL

Schere für viele Schneidarbeiten. Für Schneidarbeiten von leichtem bis mitlerem Material, wie Säume kürzen oder Fäden abschneiden, Länge 23cm. Ausführung mit einer spitzen und einer abgerundeten Schneidspitze. 

Länge der Schere 23 cm
Schneide geschmiedet
Scherblatt glatt
Grifftyp Stahl

460-9" MUNDIAL

Scissors for a wide range of cutting applications. Light to medium material cutting, trimming and clipping seams and cutting threads. Execution with one pointed and one rounded tip. Length 23cm.

Length of scissors 23 cm
Finishing of scissors blade forged
Type of scissors blade even
Type of handles stee

460-9" MUNDIAL

Ножницы общего назначения. Точная резка, выполнение надсечек или обрезка ниток. Модель с одним острым и одним закгугленным кончиком. Длина 23 см. 

Длина ножниц 23 см
Кромки лезвия ножниц кованые
Тип лезвия ножниц гладкое
Тип ручки сталь

Company Info

Factory-Porto Alegre, Brazil
Mundial Inc., headquartered in Walpole, MA, is the North American marketing, sales and distribution arm of Mundial S.A., whose corporate offices are located in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Mundial S.A. develops and manufactures over 95% of its own products including fully forged and stamped cutlery, scissors and shears.

The group and the Mundial trademark were established in Germany in 1931 by Paul Zivi. This noted metallurgist, along with his team of skilled engineers and designers, developed the most sophisticated techniques for designing and manufacturing high quality cutlery. This allegiance to quality has been maintained throughout the years for all of Mundial’s products. Today, every Mundial product is produced under a rigorous quality control program that spans the entire manufacturing process from the development of the steel to the final polishing of the blade. Upon completion, every Mundial product is individually tested to ensure sharpness, precision and durability. As proof of its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Mundial stands behind its products, backing every one with a full Lifetime Guarantee against defects in materials, construction and workmanship.

Mundial Inc. is currently among the leading North American brands of cutlery and kitchen accessories sold to the restaurant and institutional markets. It is also a leader in the retail and industrial scissors/shears categories. With a growing business in retail cutlery through gourmet, specialty and department stores, Mundial products are squarely positioned as high quality and upscale, but with a distinct value advantage. Thanks to manufacturing efficiencies and more competitive costs of raw materials (Brazil is one of the largest producers of steel in the world) Mundial can position its top quality products at extremely affordable retail prices.

Mundial combines Old World craftsmanship with modern technology to produce a broad selection of products unmatched in the world for strength, durability, beauty, comfort and value.

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